Julianne Homokay’s play, The Wedding Story, begins with a storyteller who decides to tell a modern-day fairytale of a bride and groom. The story that he is telling is drastically different than what the bride and groom say really happened. The storyteller’s story is that they met in high school and before long he proposed. Their families blessed their engagement. They were to be married at an old inn in Vermont followed by a beautiful reception. The bride was 24 and the groom was 27. The bride and grooms story was much different. The bride was 35 and the groom was 24. They met at a bar and dated on and off for 5 years and got married at a drive-thru chapel in Vegas. The reception was in the back room at the Star Dust Lounge. The groom is actually gay and proposes to her to keep himself locked in the closet. The bride dies from an accidental overdose when he leaves her for a drag queen and the groom dies from being dragged to death behind a 4×4 in Wyoming by homophobic rednecks.